Community’s School Improvement Team (SIT) consists of teachers, staff, parents, and the principal, working together to oversee the School Accountability for Learning and Teaching (SALT) process at the school.  

SALT was created by the Rhode Island Department of Education and passed into Rhode Island State Law through article 31 in 1996. SALT is a cyclical review process that requires public schools to be accountable for continuous school improvement.

In accordance with the agreement between the Cumberland School Committee and the Cumberland Teacher’s Association (CTA) which was reached in 2003, SIT membership is defined as follows:

  • The Principal
  • Up to three teachers elected by the faculty; the election is conducted by the Principal and the CTA Building Representative
  • One teacher appointed by the president of the CTA
  • One ICSE member
  • One parent representative of the PTA designated by the PTA Executive Board
  • Up to three additional persons selected by lottery. The Principal will send out a notice to all Community School families inviting parents to enter their names in the lottery. The SIT must approve by a majority vote.

SALT places trust in each school to evaluate its strengths and shortcomings and define its own plan for improvement in three interrelated focus areas: how are the students learning, how are the teachers teaching, and is the school environment safe and supportive? The School Improvement Team meetings will be held on the 4th Wednesday of every month. Anyone interested in attending these meetings may do so; you do not have to be a member of the team.