Wellness Policy

The Cumberland Public School System has established a Wellness Policy that regulates the types of foods that may be sent into the classroom for a group snack or celebration. As an alternative to birthday/holiday cupcakes, cookies and candies, sodas and fruit punch, we ask that only nutritious snacks and drinks be sent in.

Instead of soda and punch, reduced-fat milk, 100% fruit juice, and bottled water could be sent in. High sugar and fat snacks could be replaced with cut-up fresh fruits and vegetables with low-fat or yogurt-type dips, graham crackers, Gogurts, popcorn, or pretzels. Kids also love cheese and crackers, yogurt, bagel chips and rice cakes. Ice cream treats can be replaced with low fat frozen yogurt bars or low fat pudding cups. When only healthful snacks are offered, the children don’t really seem to miss the sugary, fat-laden treats!

The Wellness policy also mandates that any food and drink be commercially produced. Non-food celebrations are also welcome and encouraged! Come read a book to your child’s classroom to honor the birthday child!

Please understand that any food or drink item brought to school for a classroom celebration will be sent home if it does not meet the guidelines set forth by the Cumberland Public Schools Wellness Policy.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in advance.


Cumberland District Nutrition and Physical Activity Policy

The Cumberland School District has adopted a Nutrition & Physical Activity Policy to promote healthy schools, by supporting wellness, good nutrition, and regular physical activity as part of the total environment. Please refer to this policy if you are considering sending snacks for school.  Non-food celebrations are encouraged.