Community School Association (CSA)

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What is the CSA?

CSA stands for Community School Association and it is Community Elementary School’s Parent-Teacher Organization. The CSA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

What is the purpose of CSA?

Per the official bylaws, the CSA “is organized and operated for the charitable purposes of providing instruction, training and educational support and programs to the students and faculty of the Community School.”

So what does that REALLY mean to parents, students and teachers?

The CSA is a group of parents and teachers who work together to make Community School a better place. The CSA sponsors many fun and educational events for students and families throughout the year.

What type of events / activities does CSA sponsor?

The CSA covers the costs of ALL field trips and associated bussing for ALL students at Community School. Community School has approximately 600 students so this cost amounts to more than $14,000 per year that the parents of Community School do not have to pay. The CSA also pays for all educational enrichment activities from Mother Goose story time for kindergarteners to the chick hatching project completed by the third graders and many other programs. The costs associated with these cool enrichment activities, about $10,000 annually, are NOT covered by the school department as many would think. CSA even pays for the “Dolphin” folders that each student is given on the first day of school and the daily planners that are given to the third through fifth graders. The CSA also sponsors many FUN events such as the Welcome Back Celebration, the CLEAN Afterschool Program, the Daughter Dance, the Holiday Fair, Outdoor Movie Night, the Son’s Event, the Fourth Grade Play, the Variety Show, Field Day and the Fifth Grade Celebration!! New for this year, the CSA is hoping to add a Family Halloween or Harvest Dance and a Family Paint Night and of course we are always looking for new fun and educational ideas to add to the line up!

Where do the funds used for events come from?

All of the funds used for the events and activities are raised by the parents, students, and teachers of Community! On average, in one school year, the CSA raises about $30,000!!! Currently the biggest fundraiser is “Dinner & Dessert” which is a sale of soup and cookies that will start in early September. This fundraiser alone has typically raised more than $10,000. The CSA also has many smaller fundraisers such as Box Tops collection, the Blackstone Valley Duck Race, a Scholastic book fair, various restaurant fundraisers and a direct contribution campaign just to name a few. The CSA is considering having a silent auction /night out for parents to help raise additional funds this year. Fundraising can be a challenge so any new fundraising ideas are always welcome!

How can you help?

Volunteer, volunteer, volunteer!!!! The CSA is made up parents and teachers and they all lead busy lives that involve work, family and other commitments just like you! The CSA understands that life is busy!!!! However all members of the CSA are unified in their desire to help the students and teachers of Community School! The CSA welcomes you to help in whatever way you can!!! For your information, a list of the CSA Board Members and Chairpersons with their associated events is listed below. Some events currently do not have a chairperson and many events will need additional helpers. Please contact any of the Board Members or Chairpersons at CommunitySchool.CSA@gmail.com if you would like to help out! The CSA holds regular meetings to discuss upcoming events and important happenings at school.

If we work together, there is no limit to what we can do for our kids and Community School!

2017-2018 Community School Association
Executive Committee
Position Contact Name
President Kerrie DeFusco*
Vice President Kara Dessert*
Treasurer Donna Allard* csacumberland@gmail.com
Co‐Secretary (Corresponding) Brenda Jovenich*
Co‐Secretary (Copying) Dana Socci*
Programs & Events
Art Project Chrissy Cruise
Audit Jeff Collemer
Back to School Family Celebration Stefanie Goodrich*
Color Run Liaison Stefanie Goodrich*
Bingo Night OPEN
Blackstone Valley Duck Race Dana Socci*
Book Fair Karen Bouchard
Book Fair Debra Cohen
Book Swap Brenda Jovenich*
Box Tops Amy Dwyer
Bulletin Board Julie Leonard
Class Pictures Kara Dessert*
CLEAN (After School Program) OPEN
CLEAN (After School Program) OPEN
Community Outreach Andrea Friedland*
Cumberland School Volunteers Kristen Sukatos
Daughter Dance Kiara Tracey
Daughter Dance Andrea Friedland*
Destination Imagination Amy Neary*
Dinner & Dessert Tasha Bizier
Directory Kelly Validzic
Educational Enrichment OPEN
   Kindergarten ………… Amy Neary*
   Grade 1 …………………. Stephanie Goodrich*
   Grade 2 …………………. Heather McVay
   Grade 3 …………………. Stephanie Goodrich*
   Grade 4 …………………. Kristen Cook
   Grade 5 ………………… Rachel Powell*
Family Photo Night Kathy Lindsay*
Field Day Kathy Lindsay*
Field Day Stephanie Goodrich*
Field Trips Kim Prasinos
Fifth Grade Celebration Kara Dessert  
Fifth Grade Flyers Running Club Renee Calabro
Fourth‐Grade Play Amy Dwyer
Fourth‐Grade Play
Fourth‐Grade Play
Group Ticket Sales Stephanie Livesey
Family Dance (NEW) OPEN
Holiday Fair Jen Lamora
Holiday Fair Kim Passanante
Hospitality & Sunshine Jenny Copans*
Just Friends OPEN  
Lunchroom Volunteers Brenda Jovenich
Movie Night Kara Dessert*
Paint Night-Family (NEW) OPEN
Parent Coordinators Heidi Waters/Kacey Sprague
Publicity OPEN  
School Clothing Heather McVay*
School Committee Liaison Jenny Copans*
Silent Auction Kristen Eckman  
Son’s Event OPEN  
Spirit Week OPEN  
Teacher Appreciation Week Kerrie DeFusco*
Variety Show Julie Passey
Yearbook Maggie Hurder*
Yearbook Karen Kuncz*
Webmaster Karen Kuncz*

*Denotes CSA Board Member