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Weekly Update

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Please be sure that you have a BCI check on file if you are volunteering for any school event. Please understand that if you sign up to volunteer and we don’t have a current BCI on file, we may unfortunately have to turn you away.This applies to all adults on school grounds interacting with students.

thank you, mrs. goggin, for joining our csa meeting this week!

tri-m music honor society halloween concert

The Tri-M Music Honor Society Halloween Concert coming up next week in the CHS Auditorium. We are encouraging children ages 3-12 to be in attendance for our first annual Halloween Concert. Performances will be by the CHS Tri-M members from chorus and band. Tickets are $3 in advance, $5 at the door. Children under age 11 are FREE and encouraged to wear their Halloween costumes to the performance!

Tickets can be purchased at CHS in the Chorus Room or at the door. Please let me know if you would like color copies of the flyers and I will interoffice them to you. Thank you!

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kindergarten students enjoying the outdoor classroom with miss patrizio!

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positive behavior intervention and supports

As many of you know, Cumberland is a PBIS district. As part of the PBIS system, teachers are asked to document behaviors on a form known as Office Discipline Referral. The referrals are used internally to track patterns in behavior and provide support to students as needed. The referrals are sent home to communicate with parents about incidents that occur in school. They are not meant to alarm you or upset you. We are sending the forms home for you to simply have a conversation with your child and help us reinforce the school expectations.

The classroom teachers handle the minor behaviors and the principal handles any major behaviors. Teachers may use their discretion on sending home or holding on to minor referrals. They will typically reach out to families via phone call or email if issues persist.

Parents may be notified by email or phone call when their child has a major referral. A discipline referral form has been provided for your reference.


Office Discipline Referral.pdf

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understanding childhood fears and what to do about them…

I have found this article quite helpful in understanding childhood fears and anxiety. I hope you find it of value as well:http://www.heysigmund.com/age-by-age-guide-to-fears/

from the boys’ and girls’ club!


WINTER HOOPS 2K17-18 informational.pdf


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