Weekly update

Weekly update

I hope that you are enjoying this beautiful summer morning!

Here is a link to our weekly newsletter:  https://www.smore.com/zm5ja

This week is “A” week

Talking to young children about 9-11

I have to admit, this is a question that I often hear and one that I struggle with as well. While it is important that children know about the events of 9-11 from a historical perspective, we need to be sure to assure them that this event has led to a greater understanding of our world and in the end, a greater sense of keeping their world a safe place.I am no expert in the field of child psychology and I understand that I do not have all of the answers. Each family and each child will have different needs and responses when it comes to subjects such as these. All I can do is support you, as a family. I would like to share the following resources with you:


Tomorrow, the district schools will be remembering 9-11 in a variety of ways. At Community, we will be observing a moment of silence.

Mrs. Jacinto would like to share information with families about our school flu clinic and nut free classrooms. Those documents are attached.


English Consent.pdf

2015 Nut Free Classroom Letter.pdf

Safe Snacks.pdf

Emergency Verification Forms

Emergency Verification Forms will be going home with your student this week. Please edit as needed and return to school as soon as possible.Thank you!

Please mark your calendar for Parent/Teacher conferences:

Tuesday, November 14th @ 4-6 p.m.Thursday, November 30 @ 6-8 p.m.

Good news for Mrs. Miller!

Mrs. Miller was notified last week that she won $500 from Scholastic Books to purchase books for her classroom library!”Scholastic Book Clubs and James Patterson salute your commitment to building a great classroom library and ensuring that every student in your class finds great books to read.”

Benchmark testing has begun

We are currently conducting our universal benchmark screenings. We use STAR (Renaissance Learning) and AIMSwebplus three times a year (in the fall, winter, and spring.)We use these screening assessments to help determine student strengths and weaknesses in order to use our resources to make sure all students are successful. Analysis of the data provided will enable teachers to plan for specific intervention and differentiated instruction for each child.

For more information:

STAR: http://doc.renlearn.com/KMNet/R0054872491706A8.pdf

Aimsweb Plus: http://help.aimswebplus.com/prd/fo_plus/aimswebplus_parent_or_guardian_letter.pdf

I look forward to meeting each of you at our upcoming events: Open House and Parent/Teacher conferences!